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Squirrel Control

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Dealing with Squirrels: Protecting Your Home

You might not see squirrels as pests, but these cute creatures can still cause problems for your property. Those bite marks on your house's insulation might be from squirrels chewing on your power lines. While they're not as scary as rats, squirrels can still be a nuisance. It's not a good idea to handle a squirrel issue on your own because they can get very aggressive when they feel threatened in their own territory.

 Checking Things Out 

First, we take a look around to find out where the squirrels are causing trouble. This could be in your attic or other spaces. Our experts also follow the paths the squirrels use and find where they're getting inside.

 Getting Rid of Squirrels 

Our pest control expert sets up special humane traps with some bait to catch the squirrels. Once a squirrel is caught, the exterminator comes and takes the squirrel away along with the traps.

 Keeping an Eye Out 

We don't just stop after catching a squirrel. We make sure to come back to check if everything is okay. Once we confirm that the squirrel is caught, you can let us know, and we'll arrange to pick up the traps.

 Stopping Future Problems 

Once the squirrels are gone, it's important to seal up the places they were getting in from. This needs to be done quickly so that more squirrels don't move in and cause trouble.

Taking Care of Things After and Stopping Them Before

Once the expert has set up the traps, it's important to keep an eye on them every 10 to 12 hours. If a rodent gets caught, make sure to call the pest controller to take it away and set up the trap again if needed. Here are some tips to stop problems before they start:

Image by Sinitta Leunen

No Snacks for Them

Get rid of all the things that rodents might eat.

Image by Geovanni Rodriguez

Trim Trees and Bushes

Cut back branches near your roof so they can't climb onto your house.

Image by Eduardo Soares

Close the Doors

Seal up any holes where rodents could get inside.

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