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Rat Control

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Same-day pest control services


A 3-month guarantee on treatment against rats


Rat control includes a free property inspection


A 1-year guarantee on rat proofing services



Revolutionizing Pest Management: Unveiling Pest Piper's Unique Approach

At Pest Piper, our pest control treatments are characterized by three fundamental principles, each tailored to the specific nuances of various pests. Diverging from the norm, our services are not tethered to hourly constraints. This means that the Pest Piper, our rat control specialist, remains dedicated until the task is flawlessly executed, aligning seamlessly with our unwavering commitment to superior quality standards. This journey commences with...

 Thorough Property Pest Inspection: The Foundation of Excellence 

At the heart of what we do is the important step of checking for pests in your property. This is like a detective looking closely around to find all the hiding spots and small openings that rats use to come in and go out.

 Stopping the Way Rats Get In: Creating a Strong Barrier 

Our plan focuses on blocking the ways rats can get inside your place. The skilled rat expert in London uses special materials like foam, sealants, and strong wire to close up small holes and gaps where rats might go through. Remember, this method is only meant for openings that are rat-sized. If the holes are bigger, it's best to get help from a handyman who knows what to do.

 Smartly Putting Rat Food: Making Sure We Get Control Everywhere 

Even after we seal up the entry points, there might still be rats inside. So, our expert pest technician sets up some rat food in clever spots. This helps catch any rats still hanging around, making sure we take care of the problem completely.

Things to do prior to your rat control appointment

Enhance the effectiveness of your upcoming pest control session by proactively preparing the environment. Here are some proactive measures to consider:

Clear the Path

Prior to the pest controller's visit, remove any traps or self-placed poison you might have set up. This ensures a streamlined and targeted approach to the treatment.

Empty all your bins

Guarantee a successful outcome by eliminating potential food sources. Take care to empty out all your bins especially the food bin within the property.

Staying Pest-Free: Effective Practices for Prevention


Safeguard your space against unwelcome intruders with these proactive strategies:

Overflowing rubbish bin

Empty your Bins

Maintain a pest-resistant environment by regularly disposing of household waste. Keep bins securely sealed to discourage pests from making themselves at home.

The need for a a well-tended garden

Nature in Balance

Prevent infestations by keeping your garden and green spaces well-maintained. Overgrown areas can serve as breeding grounds for pests, so a little landscape care goes a long way.

Food that are not properly stored

Store your Food Away

Keeping your property free from food that can be easily obtained is very important. Use lunch boxes, fridges and freezers to prevent any infestations at any time.

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