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Mice Control

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An overview of the mice treatment services we provide

Say goodbye to pesky mice infestations with our comprehensive and efficient mice treatment services. Our expert pest controllers are ready to tackle mouse issues head-on. Unlike other services, we prioritize your peace of mind over hourly rates – rest assured, our dedicated team will stay until the job is flawlessly done.

 Thorough Property Pest Inspection: Unveiling the Source of the Problem 

Every successful pest control journey begins with a meticulous property inspection, and our mouse exterminators are no exception. Before initiating the treatment process, our professionals will conduct a thorough assessment of your property. By pinpointing each potential entry point utilized by these unwanted visitors, we pave the way for a targeted and effective solution.

 Sealing the Pathways: A Step Towards Permanent Relief 

Sealing off the avenues that mice exploit is of paramount importance. Our seasoned pest exterminators will employ a combination of expanding foam, wool wire, and specially formulated sealants to close off these cavities and holes. Rest assured, our experts are equipped to address rodent-sized openings. For anything larger, we recommend the expertise of a handyman to ensure complete closure.

 Precision in Action: Strategically Placed Bait Stations 

With access points secured, there might still be some mice lingering within your premises. Our adept pest technicians have you covered. Employing a strategic approach, we position an array of bait stations at key locations. Additionally, we may facilitate an exit path for the remaining mice, ensuring a thorough and effective process. This tried-and-true methodology is also extended to our rat control service, showcasing our commitment to comprehensive pest management.

Choose excellence, choose results – opt for our mice treatment services and bid farewell to mouse-related woes. Your pest-free haven is just a service away.

Things to do prior to your mouse control appointment

Enhance the effectiveness of your upcoming pest control session by proactively preparing the environment. Here are some proactive measures to consider:

A Trap

Clear the Path

Prior to the pest controller's visit, remove any traps or self-placed poison you might have set up. This ensures a streamlined and targeted approach to the treatment.

Volunteers Packing Food

Tidy Up Food Storage

Guarantee a successful outcome by eliminating potential food sources. Take care to secure all food items within the property, especially during the night.

Staying Pest-Free: Effective Practices for Prevention


Safeguard your space against unwelcome intruders with these proactive strategies:

Overfilled Rubbish Bin

Waste Management Mastery

Maintain a pest-resistant environment by regularly disposing of household waste. Keep bins securely sealed to discourage pests from making themselves at home.

Image by Francesco Gallarotti

Nature in Balance

Prevent infestations by keeping your garden and green spaces well-maintained. Overgrown areas can serve as breeding grounds for pests, so a little landscape care goes a long way.

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