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Moth Control

 Expert moth removal services 

Same-day pest control services


A 3-month guarantee on treatment 


Inspection, assessment and eradication 


A 1-year guarantee on proofing services




The Double Trouble of Moths: Clothing and Pantry Pests

Moths that target your clothes are mostly harmless in their grown-up phase. They snack on flower nectar and don't bother humans much. But when they're young, they're a whole different story. These larvae are like little eating machines, causing a lot of damage. They can:

  1. Ruin your clothes, curtains, and furniture.

  2. Damage fur rugs, natural carpets, and linens.


On the flip side, pantry moths can be attracted to your dry food if it's stored improperly. They have a taste for starchy and sweet foods. If you want to tackle moth problems, the smartest move is to book a moth pest control appointment with Pest Piper.

Getting Ready for Moth Treatment: What to Do


For a successful moth treatment, you need to prepare your place beforehand.

Here's a general outline of what to do:


Before Treatment

  1. Take out all pets, including fish, from your home.

  2. Thoroughly vacuum the areas affected by moths.

  3. Tidy up the areas that will be treated.

An Open Window

After Treatment

  1. Leave the treated place empty for 3-4 hours after the treatment.

  2. Once you're back, open the windows in the treated areas for 5-10 minutes.

  3. Avoid vacuuming or mopping the treated areas for 5-7 days after the treatment.

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