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Flea Treatment

 Expert flea removal services 

Same-day pest control services


A 3-month guarantee on treatment 


Inspection, assessment and eradication 


A 1-year guarantee on proofing services




Tackling Stubborn Flea Infestations: Understanding the Why

Even if you regularly treat your pets to get rid of fleas, you might find that the problem at home is still getting worse. Here are two reasons why this could be happening:

 Flea Eggs Survive Standard Pet Treatments 

The usual treatment you use on your pets with fipronil doesn't always kill all the flea eggs. These tiny eggs fall off your pets and end up in your carpets, between your floors, and in their bedding. In just a few days, these eggs hatch into young fleas. These young fleas then jump back onto your pets, even if they're wearing flea collars. So, the cycle continues.

 Hidden Infestations from Outside 

Sometimes, your home might have a second problem. Fleas could be sneaking in from outside sources, like rodents in your attic. These fleas multiply quickly and can be hard to notice until it's a big problem.

If you don't get professional help to treat and control fleas, they can spread fast and make your home uncomfortable.

How Do Pest Piper Get Rid of Fleas?

Step 1: Checking Things Out

First, we'll inspect your place to see how bad the flea problem is. We'll figure out what kind of fleas they're dealing with and how many there are. Based on this info, we'll pick the best way to treat them.

Step 2: Bye-Bye Fleas

To get rid of the fleas, the Pest Piper uses special bug-killing spray. We put this spray on the areas where the fleas are hanging out. This spray doesn't just work right away – it keeps on working for a long time to make sure the fleas don't come back.

Step 3: Keeping an Eye Out

If you choose a complete treatment, we will come back to your place after some time. We'll do this to make sure the fleas are really gone. We'll keep coming back until there's no more flea problem.

Step 4: Stopping More Fleas

Pest Piper will also give you tips to stop fleas from coming back in the future. After we're done, you'll get a report to show that the job is complete.

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