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Bed Bug Treatment

 Effective bed bug removal services 

Same-day pest control services


A 1-month guarantee on treatment


Inspection, assessment and eradication


A 1-year guarantee on proofing services



Getting Rid of Bed Bugs: Easy Solutions

Wondering how to tackle bed bugs? These tiny pests can be really tough to get rid of, but there are ways to do it effectively. When bed bugs invade your home, it's usually best to call in the experts. These professionals know what to do to solve the problem.

 Residual Insecticide Treatment for Bed Bugs 

Get rid of those pesky bedbugs with the multiple bedbug treatment service from Pest Piper Ltd. Our team uses residual insecticide treatment to effectively eradicate bedbugs from your home, providing you with peace of mind and a good night's sleep. Say goodbye to bedbug infestations for good with our professional and reliable service.

After the initial treatment, they'll come back in two weeks to use a spray that gets rid of any remaining bugs.

What to Do Before the Bed Bug Exterminator Comes

Since bed bugs are super tough, there are a few things you should do before the experts arrive to make sure the treatment works well:

Image by Andrew S
Image by Priscilla Du Preez
Image by Nick de Partee


Move your pets, including fish, out of the way before they start.


Take off all the bedding that's affected and wash it in really hot water (60-90°C).


Wash any clothes from the infested room in hot water (60-90°C) too.


Vacuum the whole room, especially under the bed, to pick up any bugs.

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