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Dealing with Urban Foxes: A Need for Control

The rise of urban foxes (scientifically known as Vulpes Vulpes) has presented a pest challenge across numerous UK cities. London, in particular, witnesses foxes intruding into gardens and disturbing other animals, causing inconvenience.


To counter this issue, we offer urban fox control services spanning all London regions. Our efforts align with their most active periods, typically ranging from early February to late April through August.

In London, our fox control service employs two distinct methods:

Spraying Solution

If tackling foxes in your garden requires spraying, our approach emphasizes safety. The products we employ are environmentally friendly and pose no harm to your garden's vegetation or flowers. You can be confident that your plants, animals, and beneficial insects won't be impacted by our application. Our spray leaves a residual odor akin to fox urine, which naturally deters foxes as they perceive another fox has marked the territory. For optimal results, we recommend a bi-weekly application around your garden until the fox issue is resolved.

Trapping Technique

As an alternative, we employ trapping for fox removal. Our skilled technician sets up cages with enticing baits at areas of heightened fox activity. These traps are closely monitored, and once a fox is captured, our pest controller ensures a humane dispatch of the animal.

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