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Bird Control

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Effective Bird Control Methods: Pigeon-Proofing Made Simple

When it comes to curbing bird-related issues, pigeon proofing stands as the go-to technique. The most commonly employed approach in London is the use of bird netting, a reliable choice. This method entails the installation of sturdy plastic twine netting, forming an impenetrable barrier that deters pigeons. Whether it's building fascias or other surfaces, bird netting serves as a robust solution. Our extensive experience spans both residential and commercial properties throughout London, ensuring effective bird control.

Another effective tactic involves the utilization of pigeon spikes. These spikes come into play when pigeons frequently perch on roofs and guttering. These robust metal prongs are affixed on a polycarbonate base, enabling their installation on various spots such as rooftops, windowsills, gutters, and ledges. The spikes are designed to be uncomfortable for pigeons, discouraging their perching behavior without causing harm.

Preventing Pigeons and Birds: Effective Strategies

Image by Chris Lawton

Cut Off the Feeding

Refrain from feeding pigeons. If there are fruit-bearing trees or shrubs nearby, gather the fruit promptly to discourage their presence.

Image by Ronan Furuta

Secure Nesting Spots

Before pigeons make themselves at home, take measures to seal off potential nesting sites. Make sure any openings large enough for pigeons are completely sealed or covered with wire mesh.

Image by Alex Dukhanov

Watch for Standing Water

Prevent water from pooling around your property, as it tends to attract pigeons and other urban birds.

A Crucial Reminder: Avoid any contact with bird droppings, as they might carry bacterial and fungal infections. Stay safe!

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