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Cockroach Treatment

 Expert cockroach removal services 

Same-day pest control services


A 3-month guarantee on treatment 


Inspection, assessment and eradication 


A 1-year guarantee on proofing services




Getting Rid of Cockroaches: Simple and Effective

Discovering cockroaches in your home or business can be really troubling. These pests are not just unpleasant; they can carry serious diseases like Salmonella, Dysentery, and Gastroenteritis, putting your health at risk. Plus, cockroach infestations can easily spread from one place to another. Acting fast is the key to effective control as soon as you notice any signs.

By taking prompt action, you can prevent:

 Health Hazards 

Cockroaches can pass on diseases and trigger allergies.

 Harm to Your Business Reputation 

If you're running a restaurant, a sudden roach appearance can make customers disappear overnight.

 Contamination of Food Supplies ​​

Anything cockroaches touch should be thrown away immediately.

 Unsanitary Conditions ​​

Their droppings and discarded skins can create a nasty smell.

Cockroaches multiply quickly, so it's essential to get professional help to control an infestation. Special products and solutions from experts are needed to completely get rid of them at every stage of their life cycle.

How to prepare for cockroach control service

Here are a few things you should do before the we arrive to make sure the treatment works well:

Image by Andrew S


Move your pets, including fish, out of the way before we start.

Image by Samantha Gades


Declutter the premises that will be treated.

Image by YoonJae Baik


Vacuum the affected areas.

Taking Care of Things After Treatment

Image by Scott Walsh

Vacate and Air-out

The premises need to be vacated for 3-4 hrs post-treatment; upon return air the treated areas for about

5-10 minutes.

Image by Gil Ribeiro

Do Not Clean

Do not hoover/mop the treated areas after treatment for 5-7 days.

Please Note: It is not necessary to follow these instructions if the we used bait gels for your treatment.

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