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Ant Treatment

 Expert ant colony removal services 

Same-day pest control services


A 3-month guarantee on treatment 


Inspection, assessment and eradication 


A 1-year guarantee on proofing services




Understanding Ant Troubles: Why Professional Help Matters

Although ants play a crucial role in nature, they can create challenges when they start to invade our homes, especially in the kitchen. While some ants are harmless visitors, others can bite or even cause damage to your property. Here's why you might want to consider getting help from experts:

 Unwanted Guests 

Ants may appear harmless at first, with a few scouting for food. But soon, their whole colony might follow, causing annoyance.

 Property Threats 

While common home ants aren't dangerous, certain species bite when disturbed. Surprisingly, even these tiny insects can harm your property. Carpenter ants, for example, can cause significant structural damage, leading to costly repairs.

 Wiring Woes 

Ants can even mess with your home's wiring. They can chew through cable covers, potentially creating a fire hazard.

 Appliance Impact 

If an ant colony sets up behind your walls, the moisture from their nest can affect your household appliances. So, if your oven starts acting strangely, it could be linked to an ant issue.

Considering these potential problems, if you spot tiny black dots roaming around your property, seeking professional assistance is a smart move.

Preparing for Ant Removal: Simple Steps


Before Pest Piper arrive to deal with an ant issue, there are a couple of things you should do in your home. And there are also some things to keep in mind after the service is done.


Before Treatment

  1. Clear out all the food from your kitchen cabinets.

  2. Make sure to give your carpeted areas a thorough vacuuming before the ant exterminator shows up.


After Treatment

  1. Allow the treated area to settle for a minimum of a couple of hours.

  2. If enough time has passed, open up your property for about 10 minutes to let fresh air in.

  3. For at least 4 days after the ant removal service, avoid vacuuming or cleaning your property.

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