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Woodworm Treatment

 Expert woodworm removal services 

Same-day pest control services


A 3-month guarantee on treatment 


Inspection, assessment and eradication 


A 1-year guarantee on proofing services




Understanding Woodworms: The Damage They Do

Just like the name hints, woodworms love to eat wood. This means they can seriously harm your property's structure, which can be really costly to fix. If you've noticed strange sounds in your home and spotted holes in your wooden beams and furniture, chances are it's because of woodworms.

When you're dealing with this, it's a smart move to get help from a pest expert. Unless you're up for a big home renovation project, it's best to leave it to the professionals.

Stopping Woodworms Before They Start

To keep woodworms from invading your space, follow these steps:

Toss Infested Furniture

Toss Infested Furniture

If you find woodworms in your furniture, get rid of it fast to stop the infestation from spreading.

An opened window

Keep Air Flowing

Make sure your home has good ventilation. Woodworms like damp spots, so fresh air helps prevent them.

Insect trap to fend off wood-boring beetles

Summer Shield

Set up insect traps during summer to fend off wood-boring beetles. This stops the next generation of woodworms from emerging and saves you from a rapid infestation.

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